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If you recently attended a convention and spoke to me about a commission, please feel free to email me at

• I will take 5 active slots at a time; after that commissioners will be added to a waiting list.  Waiting list is subject to be closed at any time.
• One request form per commission--if you’d like to request multiple commissions, you’re more than welcome to fill out multiple forms.
• OC’s, Animals, Humans, Fursonas, Furry/Anthro, Creatures accepted.
• No hardcore NSFW.  Some nudity and mild violence is fine, but nothing too extreme.
• I reserve the right to deny any request.
• Commissions may not be redistributed, edited or sold for profit or made into an NFT. You’re more than welcome to post your commission elsewhere, as long as you credit me as the artist and do not claim the art as your own.  I retain the all rights to the finished piece.
• No part of any commissioned art may be used to train any AI software.
• Commissions, excluding sticker commissions, will be completed and delivered digitally (unless ordering a Sticker Page).  The client will be provided with a hi-res digital copy (PNG or JPG). No physical product will be produced or shipped unless otherwise specified and agreed upon.
• Quoted price will cover 1 round of minor revisions (small tweaks, color changes, not complete redraws); Price will be amended with each additional revision/major revisions.
When requesting your commission, please keep in mind:
• I will need visual references.  References with multiple views are preferred. Written descriptions will be accepted on occasions, but with the understanding of artistic liberty. (i.e. if I don’t draw your character exactly how you imagined and want excessive revisions, you will be subject to an additional charge)
• Please be as detailed as possible when describing your character.  Let me know their personality/situation/relationship (if multiple characters)/anything that will help me accurately depict your character(s).
• Complex designs may be subject to additional charges.
• Prices are USD.

• Commissions where the client receives a physical product (such as a Sticker Page) will be subject to Ohio sales tax.
• You must be able to pay via PayPal, Chase QuickPay (through your bank account).
• If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me and we can work out a price.
• I do commissions alongside my full-time freelance work.  This being said, freelance heavy periods may delay commissions.  Please feel free to email me any time during the process for updates and I will be sure to keep you updated to the best of my ability!
• I try to get commissions done within 1-2 months, though bigger commissions may take longer. As mentioned above, I will keep you updated with any delays and feel free to reach out anytime during the process for updates.

✦ Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee a commission slot. I get quite a few requests and am only able to take a few commissions each round. If I am able to take your commission, I will email you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for understanding! ✦
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Any questions or concerns, please contact me at
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